Saturday, June 13, 2020

Let's talk about CrossFit

It's a small struggle for me to decide whether or not to actually talk about it or stay clear of fire and keep to the sidelines cause well, this topic is sensitive altogether and largely controversial. I suppose similar to many issues out there, the only time people speak out comfortably is when they are in support of the majority and often have the sway of the media. Or rather, in days like this, social media. On a total side note, a ridiculously good article pertaining to social media is here. It's quite a lengthy read, definitely way longer than this blog post you're going to read but it's worth it. I don't usually recommend alot of reads but that's definitely one of them. It might not be accurate (Because really, what's truth in a day of the mob right?) but it's definitely an opinion piece which I think can really widen ones perspective on how crazy this world has become and the power of the media (once again, in this case, social media). Back to the main topic, I'm here to talk about CrossFit, what my views are relating to the whole shebang regarding Greg Glassman's comments on Black Lives Matter and how so many gyms went on an exodus and I guess how all these other gyms whom I know took the side to slam CrossFit HQ, to just laugh at it or for it just to become yet another talking point altogether. Now disclaimer, everything that I'm about to say (Though really, I don't think anyone is going to read this at all, because I feel that I'm typing this more for myself than anything at all), is really my opinion. I doubt I'll sway anyones belief on anything or change how people view this entire situation but really, it's just my view.

1) What Greg Glassman said was wrong

It was stupid, wrong, racist and dumb. Let's get that out of the way. What we posted out on Innervate Fitness is true because Mo and I were the ones to type it out. We believe that yes, community comes first. That it's so important to have that in the crosshair every single day and waking moment as a box owner. So what Glassman said went against everything that we believed in and I think via extension what the CrossFit Community believed in. Yes, there is a large problem with regards to racism in CrossFit. There is systematic racism across the ocean (Locally, I don't think there's an issue on this), but really, look at the Games and how many black athletes there are. Barely any and you've really got to wonder why? Perhaps you can say that they simply aren't as fit? Maybe so. Or you could argue that really, a black individual might not feel as comfortable in the 4 walls of a CrossFit box and simple because of that, their impetus to join the program, stay to improve is alot lesser compared to a community where they are the majority.

2) That does not mean that the CrossFit community is represented by them.

And to me, that is the big problem. People associate the brand of CrossFit with every single gym out there or the problem with being labelled as a CrossFit Box or Gym. However, you've gotta know that really, what one person says does not reflect what the entire community thinks. What a country believes in should not affect how WE think of others, do business and view a methodology or 'local' brand. How CrossFit HQ moves yes, charters how CrossFit gyms across the board generally moves in terms of the opens, fundraisers and more. However, they do not govern how we build the community, the kind of community we want to raise up and the eventual way it's all crafted. I don't think it's right to say that because of this we should instantly distant ourselves from it. It's close and similar to saying that if for some reason, the Mcdonalds CEO says something racist, you never eat Chicken Mcnuggets again? If you feel so strongly about it then instead of boycotting something, be the solution to something. Which brings me sort of to the next point

3) Talk less, do more

And when I say that, I mean that instead of just talking about the problems, how Glassman didn't view Black Lives Matter as an important issue and side stepping away from taking responsibility, you do something about it. That you make changes and take actions to create a community that is truly inclusive. No one is ever going to say that Innervate is not inclusive because really, Innervate is as inclusive as it can get. From the young, old, abled or disabled, someone from every race and with a diverse background. If you think otherwise, please, I'd be happy to be proven wrong and I'd be happy to see you do better. So yes, instead of talking, do better. Instead of just deaffiliating and distancing yourself, because it's the cool and in trend thing to do and it instantly 'absolves' you from the complicated nature of the whole situation and the lessened need for structural corporate change, you actually become inclusive. So to those affiliates or gyms that have proudly stepped back to say that they're going to deaffiliate, good on you, now take that affiliation fee and do something worthwhile for the damn community. I want to see you create change and NOT STAY SILENT to things which are a problem locally. I want you to put your damn money where your mouth is and welcome disabled people through your doors by closing open gyms, giving more personalised training programs for them. I want you to welcome elderly (No matter how central your gym may be, there's always an elderly population or GO TO THEM). Show me and prove the world wrong that it isn't just because you're jumping on the hype train and instead you're doing something more for the community and society. I'm honestly ridiculously fucking tired of keyboard warriors, of people who claim that they want to see social change and social good but sit behind the computer and never actually make a change. No, deaffiliating is not enough, that is simply making a branding change, do something to promote inclusion in your community and it doesn't stop at a community class, because that's a low lying fucking easy way out. 

3) The reason for deaffiliation? Because Business Matters. 

So what's your real reason for deaffiliation? If it's because you strongly believe in something and truly don't want to stand by the words and views of Glassman then for sure, exit and leave but it's time to do something else about it and not just go about doing your own business. Show us more. If though, your reason for deaffiliation is for something else, then that's a different question altogether (because don't get me wrong, deaffiliating does make business sense as well) but don't hop on the blame train and take advantage of the situation and in turn throw every other affiliate under the bus. This is my speculation altogether but gyms that have deaffiliated are already enroute to deaffiliating even before this entire fiasco happened. Gyms that have deaffiliated are also able to do so, they've developed their brand sufficiently and already wanted to move away from this. I mean seriously, suddenly gyms rolling out their own affiliate model overnight? I'm not that naive to think that they weren't planning this way before. How sure am I? Because yes, we considered it before this whole shitshow and we considered it even more when it happened but we didn't want to be rash and jump on that train simply because everyone is doing that, it wasn't making a statement, it was literally promoting and empowering a malicious mob. So know why you're deaffiliating and be honest and transparent about it.

4) Do we not remember the good?

The crazy thing was that just 2 months ago, CrossFit HQ held the #supportyourlocalbox fundraiser and it was insane. We didn't actively rally for it because we didn't see the need or desire to but some in Singapore did and I guess wha't disappointing and sort of sad was that the moment this happened, Fuck CrossFit, we don't stand by you and we don't believe that you've really helped us ever. I mean really?? People just did a fundraiser for you and turn your back on them when the rough times come. Yeah, they did a big bad booboo, we don't agree with those statements, community comes first but really!? They've supported you just a moment ago and now you're spinning around and biting them. I feel that such attitude is extremely short sighted and I hope that people sniff that out because if you can leave an organisation you've been a part of for so long, I don't know about your commitment to your members and how truly "For them" you are. 

5) Being kind and gentle in a time of trial and controversy - don't follow the mob mentality

In moments like these, it's all about who's right and who's wrong. Hardly any room for inbetween. I think staying home during this lockdown season has amplified the self righteous attitude of many people. And nope, it isn't just confined to CrossFit. 

*SIDE TRACKING HERE* The amount of hate that I've seen being dished out to social influencers who claim that they are Fitspo is simply astounding. I know that you're agitated because someone is sprouting utter nonsense from your mouth that you don't agree on and that's okay. But in my opinion the fact that they've reached so many people, SO MANY VIEWS. Even if they've caused an improvement of fitness to that mass of people marginally like say 1%, it would've been more than 10x what those people would've effectively been capable of. So 2 quick views on this. 1) Learn from these people, yes you heard me, they're doing SOMETHING right, what is it? Because keep whining, complaining and I guess you're just gonna be left behind because evidently they don't give a hoot about you. 2) If you're doing this for clout, come I clap for you, because you smart. And nope, I'm not saying that it's wrong either but I guess.... this is one way to 'educate' but really, I think there're better ways to do that. 3) Really!? 80 carefully crafted instagram stories for one hate message? I think if you just spent a fraction of that time thinking of how you can improve your craft, you're be better. 

Okay back to CrossFit. I do feel that it's just surprisingly sad AND scary how people are just out there for blood. The modern day witch hunt has been brought from hanging suspicious witches to starting a social media bonfire. I mean, look back at the past and you'd see how people 'jumping on to movements' have both positive effects but also brought things to an unnecessary extent. I mean, Jesus being crucified, how about that? Everyone just jumped on to that train. Then actual witch hunts in the past? Everyone just joining in to agree with the masses and what they are saying. And who can forget, Game of Thrones, SHAME SHAME SHAME. Oh we all LOVED that scene right? I mean it was a defining one for me. But really, all of this was done before Glassman could say anything to defend himself, before the HQ side could muster their response adequately (Though, I felt it really was late). And the scary thing is that when the angry mob comes, they demand justice and the heaviest penalty there can be. That to me, is insane.

I've sincerely sincerely wondered that instead of all this anger and disdain from the community, could we have been kinder? As mentioned, turning that strong hate and anger into something that brings positive outcomes (Especially that in Singapore where racism of another sort exists). Could we do better? I think the problem with the fitness community is this pride, this 'with me or against me' and there really isn't any wiggle room or any space to be agree to disagree even to the smallest extent without burning each other to the ground. I'm sorry but this, this is the real virus here, this hate and anger is what's gonna cause gyms to fall and fail. 

6) Family Matters

Because especially in seasons like this. Family matters. Not just blood relations but your community matters. Division is out there and just like how the community is so quick to voice out their protest against what a tweet meant, I am wondering why don't Americans all renounce their citizenship altogether when their President constantly tweets things which are in my opinion, 100x worst? It's because they believe in their country and not one person leading it. I too, believe in that same principle. You don't turn your back on family when things screw up, you keep believing in them and you keep putting your best foot forward to really make people better, inside and out. To show compassion when everyone else out there has menacing thoughts and intents. Change needs to happen and it has to come from inside out. Maybe as an athlete, businessman or whatever you call it, you don't walk away from the problem, you become the solution. I hope YOU become the solution.

I suppose that's all I have to say, there will be many who disagree with me and many who agree with me. I'm not trying to say that my views are perfect because they aren't and I'd be happy to hear yours. You might change my views but I've been for one to say that your can't hammer reason to another person, you have to do so with compassion. So let's hear it! (Then again, sorry, I don't think anyone is going to actually read this)

- I miss blogging. I really do. Now this is finally off my chest, I'm gonna sleep well tonight

Sunday, June 07, 2020


It has been close to 5 years since I have typed anything here and needless to say, I am extremely rusty at this and this has really been a blast from the past for me. I figured now that nobody really chances upon this, and now that everything is really digital, I'm gonna use this as a platform to pen some thoughts and really, for myself now and sorry, no one is going to see this ever. I used to journal a whole lot to lay my thoughts out and i think that well, it was surprisingly cathartic for me. Maybe that's why or how I kind of lost my way? I just let the busyness get to me and I lost touch with myself. Perhaps it was the lack of connection and getting to see what I'm weak at, sad at, agitated at and angry at. 

In those moments, maybe I did bottle it all up and maybe that was what caused everything to implode altogether. Too many ifs, too many perhaps. But one thing that I'm in pursuit of right now, is to have a clarity of mind, to be able to slow down and take it all in. I guess this is where I'm really reborn, from deep down inside out.

I messed up very much and I don't think I deserve or have the right to be happy from here on out but then, I do feel so. Yet I am torn because though I feel happy, I think I should be reflecting much more on my choices and what makes me happy and all. However, I guess in moments like these, I want to delve deep into my inner being, this abyss of a soul and find out who and what I stand for, what do I value, why I do what I do and to use that all to grow. Not what the world, not what the church or my family says about me but about what I conceive in my head. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 in review

Regardless of how unfaithful I am in updating this blog (Which I really am hopeless at)
I think the one tradition still remains, looking back at the awesome year of 2015.
I suppose to some, the year really flew by. Yeah, that sort of happened to me, it literaly flew by.
It went by so quickly that part of me can't exactly remember what went on during some phases.
I was just caught in the motion.
Perhaps it'll be a good time to stop, take stock of the awesome (Or not so awesomet) things that happened in the entire year. Well, this as much as possible is representative of me and well, not Innervate (Although some definitely overlap). I guess I'm not going to make this chronological at all. Some aren't really events but big milestone thoughts I had through the year.

1) Operation Broken Wing

Yeah, this came first cause I think this a huge highlight for me. #OBWFightsForHope was not easy at all. Honestly, it wasn't easy one bit. The preparation prior to the event was beyond anything that I have ever done before. I have sent countless emails, messages to so many people throughout the course of the year leading up to the event, I'm not surprised some people have labelled me as spam. However, at the end of the day, such an event and all the effort that is put in was all tremendously worth it.

Yes, we saw the entire CrossFit Community come together for an awesome cause and worked out for a great reason. We saw people making the effort to look for sponsors for every rep that they have accomplished. All in all, we raised $200,000! Something that was way way way beyond my wildest imagination. Honestly, I never thought that a bunch of small time folks could do that. However, I was constantly reminded, to be thankful, to be thankful to God, the people around me and to count my blessings. This is a huge blessing and that has led to more blessings.

"All the Fitness in the World amounts to nothing if we don't use it to help others in need"

2) Tattoo

I guess this signified something deep for me. Kelvin Yeo, aka "Tattoo" passed away in the middle of the year, it was a huge blow to me and the entire community. Very honestly, I have always been the person to take friendships lightly. Yes, I'm quite easily the one whom will take a step back and wait whilst the entire group goes ahead with life and I get busy with work and what I do.

I suppose it's moments like these that I realize, that people mean more than just "a person in my life". They're people whom have shaped my life and made me who I am today. Kelvin very often said, your heart must be big. Xin Yao Da. And I guess I have lived that for many years now.

Now that he's passed, I will always endeavour to live that out loud. With my friends around me, with what I do, with my training. I will try my best to live loud and proud and let my heart shine.

3) We decided

Not so much of a decision but I guess many who don't know about it might be in for a surprise. I suppose it wasn't a big deal to us but I guess after meeting with a couple of friends, it seems like it is. So yes, Ning and I have been together for quite a while now.

She's been the dearest to me. Treating me with much love and care. Tolerating my mood swings and fluctuating emotions which are easily swayed. She supported me in every way that I can think of this year, sacrificing much of herself for me. She inspires me by her deep love for God and everytime we're together in church, it's something very special.

So yeah, Ning and I applied for a BTO in bididari. Not to say we would get it for sure but we did nonetheless. :) Yes, I love this girl.

4) The burst of growth

I've got to admit, I started the year pretty optimistic with the growth of our CrossFit Kids and Teens program. It wasn't the most exponential but I was pretty excited by how it is growing. The big break was probably the article that sprung forth from the Straits Times. It started there with just one parent coming through our doors. Then suddenly, people were referring their friends and kids to us. It came as a genuine surprise. One boy loved it and started spreading it in school and before we knew it, 10 were added to the classes.

The 3 classes a week soon became 4 which soon became 5. We started with only 10 when the year started, all in all, including all those we count as once a week, we've got easily 60 kids and teens on and off now. That's quite a huge leap! it really got me super excited because it shows one thing. That God is faithful. I'm given this amazing chance to impact the many lives around us and I'm sure as hell not going to mess this up.

5) We stood together

Starting a business is never easy and honestly, very very scary. I guess I had moments of uncertainty and doubt. I questioned what I was doing and whether it would be sustainable, long haul. Often, the reassurance came from within the circle. From Mo and Lenny. Yes, we've had our ups and downs, we've had moments where we really needed one another (Or at least I did) and they came through.

However, there were moments when really, all hell broke loose. In those moments, I always look back and I see them both there watching my back. Regardless of what was said or done, we band together. Just because, we're always better, together.

6) All grown up

2015 also marked the start of the many weddings that will continue for many years to come. Yeap. This year, many friends got hitched and are all ready to spend their lives together. It does feel just a little surreal that it is happening but I'm pretty happy that it actually is :)

Many couples whom I've seen grow up, Sean and Amelia for one, finally tied the knot and I can't be more happy. It's been a long time coming for so many of them and I think that's something to be super happy about in 2015

7) God is good, all the time (Church)

2015 was the year the CHC trial also came to an end. It has been a very very long trial, a very tiring one indeed. I recall when it first started and many of us were confused, didn't know what to think. Right now, I'm firm in my beliefs and to see the many members band together, close ranks, it warms my heart. Regardless of circumstances, I still say, this Church, is my Home.

I've grown up here, i was raised here, I learnt almost everything here and I caught a vision here. Yes, I'm outrightly saying it. Without CHC and the crossover project, I would never have thought of doing what I'm doing now with Innervate CrossFit.

The verdict might not have been the most favourable and plain bad but hey, it's okay, we keep our chins high and we keep pushing and pushing and pushing. You don't leave your home when there are troubles, you stay and weather it out. This to me, is the most important aspect of the Church :)

8) CrossFit Kids and Teens

Now apart from the growth of the box and the CrossFit Kids and Teens. I'm always thankful for the chance to even teach them, mould them and hopefully change their lives. I've seen some of them grow up and honestly, it's pretty darn amazing. I see some of them becoming more mature, learning how to conduct themselves better and learning how to control their emotions.

Apart from all the teaching that I do to them. Well, they've taught me some pretty invaluable lessons. How to always look at things with wide eyed wonder. To be excited for the simplest of things. To always have fun no matter how hard, tough and downright boring it might be.

9) The Vision coming to pass

The outcome of OBW was beyond expectation. Last year, we had hopes to bring CrossFit to a handful of teens who needed it. Unfortunately, things didn't go through. However, the success of OBW this year spurred REACH Community Services Society to take a different approach to this. This year, we had the privilledge of finally teaching the youths from the Singapore Boys Hostel.

Now to many, this truly isn't much. I mean, to the business eye, it might just be another program or gig. However, to me, it represents the fruition of a vision. I started Innervate a year plus ago with the simple desire to bring CrossFit to those who truly need it. One of the groups which has always been in my heart since I started CrossFit and back in SOT was the youth at risk. I had a dream, a vision, that one day, I would be given an opportunity to teach these youths from the Hostel, CrossFit. I never imagined that in a short span of time, this has actually come to pass. The vision was so accurately fulfilled that it was even from the correct place.

Now, once a week (hopefully twice soon), I am given the greatest honour to impart to these youths CrossFit and hopefully get them to turn their lives around. Now I'm thinking of the most effective ways in doing so and I truly hope that they will be blessed by it. Recently, I shared this in Cell Group and surprisingly, Jean, a friend from long ago said that it is true, I've been speaking of this dream for the longest time, since I was in university. To see it finally come to pass amazes me beyond measure.

10) SG50

To many, this might be something which isn't a very big deal but just cause my birthday fell right smack on the SG50 period, I was pretty stoked about it :). It was a great time of celebration and activities. But most importantly, it was a time where I just went out of my way to meet the important people around me. They are close to me, they are important to me.

11) The Family, together

To be very honest, 2014 wasn't the best year for my family. There was a departure of someone and because of that, I was pretty devastated by it. Gina left the family to go back home. It's been a struggle, it's been a fight every single time to hold on to her. However, things were hard and because of that it took a toll on the family. 2014 really was a fight.

2015 we took the time to heal, to regroup and to come back together as a Choong Family. It wasn't easy at all simply because there were moments I still wasn't ready to open up yet. Things took a turn eventually when I saw how the entire family came together many times, during CrossFit, during the trials and many more moments. 2015, the Choong family came together and that meant the World to me.

16) The decision to keep fighting

2015 was the year i decided that perhaps this old body of mine can still achieve some pretty nifty tricks and PRs. So in 2015, I decided to put my foot down and told myself, I'm gonna give it a go. Enough procrastinating, enough excuses, it's time to get down to business. No fear, just Faith.

So here I am, gearing up and training harder than ever before for Battle Royale 2016! Were there moments I thought that it was just impossible? For sure. But there were more moments of sheer courage that I managed to do the impossible again. Just 5 seconds of ridiculous courage

17) Sun is Shining and so are you

Last but not least, I know that God is good, and God is good every single time. Really. I mean, the year presented its fair share of challenges. There were many moments I genuinely struggled and many moments I felt victorious. Could I have grown more? Definitely. But looking back at 2015, yeah it's been a pretty awesome year. I didn't see many sun sets as compared to 2014 but hey, that's okay. It's definitely been worth it.

2016 is going to be a whole different ball game. The future is uncertain and even thinking about it scares me a little but one thing I do know, is that in the words of Axwell ^ Ingrosso, the Sun is shining and So are you. So yes, I've just got to be that beacon of light for those around me. As much as I try to be the best that I can be, I want to make people the best that they can be. Perhaps not just the beacon of light but a beacon of Faith, Hope and Love.

Thanks for making 2015. I'm excited for 2016. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Monday, September 28, 2015


I guess as the dust truly starts to settle. I now have some time (Though I should be sleeping) to think about the adventure that is Operation Broken Wing. Seemingly like the simplest of CrossFit events in Singapore truly made headlines over the past few weeks.

For one, I dare say it's the biggest congregation of CrossFit athletes over an event in Singapore (190 athletes, no I do no exaggerate). The CrossFit Community came together to do good, to raise funds for youth at risk and to spend 17 minutes of their Saturday afternoon performing a workout for them. The cool thing is that money is raised by the athletes, I mean, how kickass is that? The athletes, no matter how new or senior, become a super hero in their own right. They have their sponsors rooting for them, cheering for them, asking them to go all out because it's a completely different race altogether.

Next staggering fact which completely blew me away, was that with the help of the government, we've managed to have a pledged amount of close to $200,000! I mean, stop and let me think about this figure. THATS A HUGE SUM! Coming from a mere 190 athletes? Okay, if I stop and really think about it.... Every athlete raised close to $1000! That's no simple effort guys, it's a whole lot of push and heart from the entire community. Were there people who didn't find their sponsors for their reps? Yeah for sure. Were the complains about convenience of donation etc etc? Definitely. But sorry, you can't take that pledged amount away from the community. They single handedly raised that amount and would be making a great difference in the lives of many youths!

Okay, now that the awe and amazement is all said and done....

I guess here comes the slightly more sentimental part. Which is why? Why Operation Broken Wing in the first place? I mean, I could do so many many things, I could've spent much time growing  CrossFit Kids and Teens, reaching out for the Silvers or Self Defence or cold calling for CrossFit but why OBW? This year, and hopefully every year from now on, I championed this cause and helmed the push for OBW. I had the biggest of help from so many people, I mean, I was really grateful to all who chipped in, in a big or small way. But I guess alot of the event, the pre planning etc rested on me and I took the burden to carry it out. It wasn't easy at all, there were moments I had the real thought of throwing in the towel and calling it, "I don't care what happens who shows up or what sponsors come, I'm just gonna sit and see what happens". Thankfully I didn't do that. But it took a big drive on my part to keep that from happening. A big part of that drive... was the reason for this all. And that reason was simple.

A Heart for the Youth.

I'm not gonna kid anyone. I'm pretty much one of the most privileged guys out there. I grew up on a great home, had my needs taken care of. I didn't need to worry about my next meal or where i was going to sleep at night. I had an awesome childhood and was brought up in a great family with caring and genuine friends all around. And so this heart didn't come from a typical story.

Instead, this passion or heart for the youth came about one day, way way back in 2005 (I THINK!), it was none other than Emerge. I will always remember Pst Kong preaching a simple message about the fervency, passion and impact of the youth. That you might be young but so long as your heart burns strongly, the presence and power is carried by you. That the youth changed the World in so many ways! That the trumpets of salvation are sounded at every turn of the tide and now that trumpet is in our hands. That youths are perhaps the most impressionable group of people in the World today. That revival happens through these youths. Knelt on the ground, I realised that yes, it is my call, to make sure that youths deserve a better tomorrow.

Fast forward to 2010. The other game changer was a combination of 2 events. First, I was enrolled in the School of Theology. and it was some time in mid July. We went for our mission trip to Kuching and there, our team cranked up a storm! Praying for people, seeing people get saved and encouraging the church. But one thing struck me and stayed with me. There was one occasion, we went visiting the households of the youths that they were trying to reach out to. Many of them lived in houses which were almost impossible to live in, many had broken families or were having an extremely hard life. There, my heart broke. I was rudely reminded that I was to use these hands, to make these lives better, to give them a future and a hope. To give them a better tomorrow. There were no signs and miracles, though we prayed but I knew deep down inside I was armed with a passion, that if we helped these youths now, at this extremely vulnerable age where they are so moulded, then yes, their trajectory in life will be changed so much. During this time in SOT, it was also the Cultural Mandate that was being taught and I fondly remember feeling very uneasy about something, that there was a big nudge to do something totally radical for God. Note that at that time, I was going to enter University and had planned to enter the engineering sector with no second thoughts.

The next moment occurred immediately after that mission trip. We landed early at the budget terminal of Changi Airport, the entire team decided to go our separate ways and get some rest. This was at 5pm. Back then, I had just started CrossFit, in my 2nd year or so. So I was hooked, gosh those were the days. I wanted to get my workout in and so without thinking twice, in my mission trip outfit, I grabbed a cab and went straight to the box. Back then, CrossFit Singapore was a singular unit, pretty small and very "underground" still. Rocked up to the box and got changed for the 7pm class. Deep down inside I recall telling myself, "I'm quite a badass and hardcore to be doing this straight away." Naturally, the folks around me didn't want me to implode or anything so Coach told me to take it easy.

The 7pm class was done and dusted. I was somehow the last to leave cause I wanted to shower, my stuff was everywhere from the mission trip and thus needed to pack a little. After such a long few days, or revival, praying and now a workout, I was pretty exhausted and ready to sleep. Then I caught wind of this thing... This event called "Operation Broken Wing". Coach was talking to someone about it and being the busybody I was, I asked about it. Then came the flood / God Moment. He told me about the true plan for CrossFit, how it was meant to help the youths. That CrossFit wasn't just for us but to help the many people around us. How OBW was a platform to help these youths and change their lives. That this was truly just scrapping the tip of the iceberg. That CrossFit was truly God's blessing to him and to the community around.

It was probably a very simple conversation we had which is unlikely to be remembered but I recall it very fondly and somehow, everything was aligned. That truly, this is what I'm meant to do. To use CrossFit, to help improve the lives of others, yes. But more specifically, to help make a difference, to use Constantly Varied, Functional Movement executed at High Intensity to be a blessing to others around me via the Cultural Mandate. That was how the purpose was found. That is why OBW and in fact, Innervate CrossFit has been such a dear to me. There was no clear audible voice from Heaven shouting towards me, no dream or so. But I guess, I saw the need, a real need. And as they say, the need is the call. I felt that need so strongly that I followed the call.

It's more than just a business or an event. It's more than just raising money. It's to give others a future and a hope.

Was the whole OBW period tough? Yeah, for sure. Would I do it again? Without a doubt yes.

Finally, I want to encourage everyone reading this (Pardon the sloppy language etc), to always heed the call. That no matter how rational certain things might seem, always always follow the call. NOT YOUR HEART, follow the word, follow the call, follow Jesus. Lastly, Thank You Jesus for this opportunity, it is truly your grace that has carried me. I am extremely extremely blessed.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

We make

People feel so many emotions all so differently
Perhaps not so much of feeling emotions differently.
But experience different emotions at different stages or circumstances in their life.
After each passing hurdle, triumph or disappointment that well, there's a routine.
A habit of sorts.

Just like muscle memory.
Your mind and emotions work just like that.
Your brain experiences a similar sensation when posed with a similar situation.
It might not be exactly the same.
It probably won't be at all.
However, due to it being just a bit similar, you react the same way.
In anger, happiness or sadness.

Then there're moments where in one particular occassion.
You experience something completely completely new.
Your brain can't seem to know what and how it's supposed to react or feel.
Emotions get jumbled up.
Sadness, disappointment, relief, anger, happiness, joy, gratefulness all get thrown it at the same time.
That's when perhaps....
You can change your life.

Create a new habit
Create a new memory, a new pattern for your life to follow after.
One new habit, be it positive or negative, naturally influences the others around it.
Only if you let it, of course.
Then that's where suddenly your life starts to change.
One thought, one mental routine, one habit, one hurdle at a time.

The past 2 weeks. I've been faced with an incident that perhaps, I had never expected.
Was it hard?
Yeah, definitely.
Am I angry at myself? Yeah, very much.
Disappointed? For sure.
Grateful? Most definitely.
Sad? On the brink of closing my eyes and trying to forget it all.
Happy? Surprisingly, yes. That it's a new stage of life and a new me.

Life goes on.
It really does. 
One thing does remain though, one thing I can never deny.
That God, regardless of circumstance and decisions, has and always will be there.
To remind me how to frame those thoughts.
To nudge me to the better side when I so choose the other.
To keep me smiling and saying those so familiar words, "Hello Hello."
Thank you God for keeping me.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cross-FIT #156 Slow Down to Speed Up

We like to rush things.
CrossFitters have that tendency to do just that.
On the sound of the buzzer, we go all cray cray.
We put intensity into our movements and step on the pedal big time.
Often, we focus so much on the efficiency of things, because of that, we don't really look at the beauty of things.
This might be a bit contrary to what many perceive but truly, at times, we need to Slow Down to Speed Up.

And when I say slow down, I don't mean slowing down in the workout.
There is a time and place for the workout and it should rightly be often and common.
However, don't forget the small fine details of things.
Don't forget the movements which seem beautiful.
Don't neglect the things which might not necessarily help improve efficiency but will build overall strength.
Often, these movements don't come with intensity.
They come with staying put.
They come with holding in a static position that may be seemingly uncomfortable.

And that's how we are at times, we want to rush through and do things which will feel good and make us more efficient.
Instead, perhaps we need to focus more on staying at the places which might not be as comfortable but will build strength within us.
To stay in moments of discomfort to build resilience.
We might just need to "Tarry" in presence of God to get that breakthrough.
Not to say that it's a place of discomfort but we rush it at times and yeah, that just isn't the way, is it?

So be still.
Be still.
Get into that happy place and be prepared for a ride.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Cross-Fit #155 The fighter within

There will be moments whereby you body and soul has had enough.
Enough is enough.
We spend time and effort perfecting our movements and perfecting our craft again and again.
Only to realize that this is really tiring.
They say that in any High Intensity workout, the outcome is truly, results.
A ton of results, a change in body composition, a better engine, energy levels, just to name a few of the benefits.
However, why don't people do it?
It's really cause high intensity workouts bring you to a really dark place.
It's not easy, it sucks and it is downright painful.

It takes a special kind of someone to face this day in day out with the mental strength to keep pushing their limits.
We see this in not just CrossFit athletes but in Track athletes and in many sportsman and woman who devote hours upon hours to work on their technique relentlessly.
However, I have to admit, that drive, can be easily lost if you don't take care of it.
It becomes a chore more than an enjoyment.
Look at people who started out having SO much fun doing it and suddenly, 4-5 years down the road and gosh, this is going nowhere.
Yes, the numbers are getting better, no doubt about that.
But at the heart of things, it just isn't sustainable.

I have felt that way the past few months.
It just isn't worth it putting myself through the torture and pain.
I mean, those are fitness goals but really, what's the point?

But you have to find the fighter within.
Not the fighter who is known to be the strongest. No no.
The fighter who has the most grit.
Who can bite their teeth and restart their engine again.
You need to find that special someone inside of yourself to restart and accelerate again.
In any situation in your life, be it in CrossFit or every other aspect.

Find a reason for what you're doing to reignite that engine.
Find that reason to revive that fighter inside.
It could be going back to where you first began and to laugh again.
Back to where you would do something stupid like conjure up a workout which is impossible to complete. Or learning new things.
It could simply be coming back to your roots.
Your passion and your drive will then find meaning.

This one.
This one's a Fighter.